Non Profit Facts

When we started Tailwinds of Hope Zachary Capra Memorial Foundation, we had no idea where the journey would take us and how much money we could raise and how long we could sustain the foundation and provide scholarships for hard working goal-oriented students. Well, after just a short five years we have raised close to $250,000 and have been able to endow the scholarship at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical which means the scholarship we be there for a very long time. The foundation started with three scholarships and are now up to six scholarships. The foundation also donated monies to charitable entities in our community that need assistance. Our major fundraiser is the Captain Caps Golf Tournament, this tournament will draw over 200 golfers a year as well as 25 plus Sponsors. The tournament averages over $35,000 a year. One other community assistance we provide through the golf tournament is a food drive. We ask that all sponsors and golfers bring non-perishable food to the local food bank. This food drive has brought in over 2000llbs of food Growing Home in Westminster, CO.

We have been blessed with our cause and the community that supports our fundraising efforts. They have continued to come back year after year to support our cause. This following passage was provided by one of our volunteers for the golf tournament.

“I expected a cloudy day full of mourning, consoling and loss when beginning the day at the golf course. Instead, I was met with contagious laughter, wacky stories, streams of sunshine, and inspiring remembrance. I watched a family extend their son’s commitment to generosity and uplifting those around him. I saw new friendships spawn and old friendships bond over who Zachary was, the memories he made, and the unique impact he had on every participant. I witnessed a community built not out of pain from the loss of Zachary but rather the celebration of life. Leaving the tournament, an eagerness to carry Zachary’s legacy as the kindest, funniest, and most passionate person in his friends and family’s lives fulfilled me. I realized then that it is stories like Zachary and the Capra family’s that need to be remembered, recorded, and shared. If the memory of Zachary is kept alive by those who are impacted by him, everyone has the opportunity to keep his legacy alive”.

With these kind of stories it helps heal our hearts and find the good side of people and how generous they are in supporting our cause. With that said here are few facts at the generosity in our country and the community that supports Tailwinds of Hope Zachary Capra Memorial Foudantion.

Non-Profit Facts

  1. Worldwide there are over 10 million non-profits- USA there are over 1.3 million non-profits.
  2. Non-profits account for 10% of employment and 5%-10% of the economy. If all the non-profits were a country they would have the 5th largest economy in the world.
  3. 1-10 of employees work for non-profits.
  4. Foundations, schools, and churches account for 40% of non-profits.
  5. Volunteers are 200% more likely to donate to non-profits.
  6. Worldwide more than 18% of money raised was done through Facebook.
  7. Of all the emails sent by non-profits- 15%-18% open rate.
  8. The Covid pandemic 51% of the non-profits we effected by the virus.
  9. In 2019 the amount donated to all non-profits was $449.64 billion- the average donation was $737.00
  10. 76% of non-profits bring in less than $99,000 annually. Less than 8% are over 1 million dollars.
  11. More than 30% of non-profits fail within 10 years.
  12. 62 million people of the US volunteer work for non-profits-25%- volunteering 52 hours a year
  13.  30% of the funds donated happen in the month of December- 10% of that in the last 3 days.
  14. The average number of grants awarded by foundation is 72.
  15. 53% of non-profits rely on contributions for their revenue.
  16. 40 states are required to register before soliciting for funds.
  17. States with most non-profits 1-Texas-2- California-3- New York
  18. Charitable giving rises 0ne-third as fast as the stock market.
  19.  All foundations must file IRS 990 forms regardless of income.
  20. 31% of non-profits worldwide give to non-profits outside their country of residence.


  1. Has raised $210,000 in 4 short years-
  2. 2019 – $41,000 – $7050 individual-$11,000 Corporate- CC $27,000
  3. 2020- $55,125- $ 3005 Individual- $25,000 Corporate- CC- $27,000
  4. 2021- $68,100- $7005 Individual- $30,500 Corporate- CC-$30,100
  5. 2022- $ $45,000- $3000 Individual- $0 Corporate- CC- $41,000
  6. Awarded 17 scholarships thru 2022. ERAU 6, Five Star 6, Adams State 3, Westminster 2.
  7. Awarded $85,000 in scholarships. $57,00 to ERAU, $15,000 to Five Star Schools- $7500 to Adams State University, $5000 to Westminster Public Schools.
  8. At the end of this year, we will make grants to all of the schools totaling $75,000. $60,000 will go to ERAU to endow the scholarship.
  9. Tailwinds of Hope has no employees and 90% of monies raised goes to scholarships.
  10. 60% of monies raised comes from Golf Tournament.