Tailwinds of Hope offers six scholarships to students that are following their dreams. Four of the scholarships are for high school students that are pursuing a college degree or a trade school certification. We also offer a scholarship to an athlete at Adams State University in Alamosa, CO. We also provide a scholarship to future pilots that are enrolled at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Tailwinds of Hope wanted to create a scholarship for students in the state of Colorado that are pursuing their dream of being a commercial pilot in honor of Zachary’s love of flight in the state he grew up in. We wanted someone ni this beautiful state to have the opportunity that Zachary had in pursuing his dream of flight.

“Keep Pushing, Reach your set goals.”

“Follow Your Goals. Do not let anyone keep you from doing what you have determined to accomplish. There might be difficult times where you could think
about giving up, but just keep pushing and reach your set goals”. Zachary Capra. “Decide what you want, and then act as if it were impossible to fail.”
We are a foundation that will be awarding its first yearly aviation scholarship to financially support a deserving young person pursuing their Private Pilot Certificate.
Our goal, through our aviation scholarship, is to give them the opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming a commercial pilot.
The minimum scholarship award is $2500 to cover the cost of obtaining a private pilot certificate.

Each year, the scholarship window will open on January 4th.

The deadline for applying is around the 4th of March of the same year. The scholarship will be awarded on April 4th. The Scholarship applications will be reviewed by the members of the board and judged on their merit. The board will come to a consensus and select a minimum of one recipient each year for the scholarship.