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The Upbringing of Fused Media: How Michael Schreiber’s Digital Marketing Agency is Helping Home Service Contractors Achieve Unprecedented Growth

Michael Schreiber, the founder of Fused Media, is operating a well-oiled, machine of an agency. On the outside, Fused Media can seem like an overnight success, with nothing but 5-star reviews, testimonies after testimonies, and over $40 million generated with less than $500,000 in ad spend for their clients. With this success, it’s easy to see how one could think that.

Fused Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in paid advertising and software solutions for home service contractors. Founded in 2021, this agency was quick to succeed because of its core focus on client results, which would create nothing but happy clients. Fused Media helps contractors generate leads by running Facebook and Google ads. However, they know the money is in the follow-up, so they created software called Trade Growth to automate some of the sales, marketing, and customer support for the contractor.

Before starting his agency, Schreiber used to run an outdoor contracting business called “Brothers by Nature.” His experience building this multi-million dollar company gave him an advantage over his competition because of his understanding of the home service industry. He gained marketing experience as he was building this company, which later helped him to teach and do this for other contractors. He was able to help other contractors implement the exact strategies he used to scale the contracting business that he built.

At this point, Fused Media has impressed all its customers with extremely low natural churn in the agency. For example, they helped a company in Joliet, Illinois, called The Landscaping Experts. In just 11 months, with only $17,385.35 in ad spend, they generated over a whopping $6,000,000 for The Landscaping Experts. Another case study is in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a company called Norse Construction. Fused Media, in 7 months, spent $16,701.93 in ad spend with an astonishing $1,060,000 in return. In Hillsboro, Oregon, with a company called M&P Remodeling, $3,056.49 was spent in ad spend with $355,000 in return. The list goes on and on, with testimonials stating what they’ve been able to achieve for their customers.

Fused Media’s exceptional track record of success with its clients is a testament to their dedication and expertise in digital marketing. By utilizing their proven paid ad strategies and innovative software solutions, they have helped countless home service contractors achieve unprecedented growth in their businesses, often surpassing the expectations of both their clients and industry peers. The agency’s commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback and testimonials they receive, which further solidify their reputation as a trusted partner for any contractor looking to take their business to the next level. With a relentless focus on delivering results and a willingness to adapt to ever-changing market conditions, Fused Media is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.







The Upbringing of Fused Media: How Michael Schreiber’s Digital Marketing Agency is Helping Home Service Contractors Achieve Unprecedented Growth