Kappler Mechanical support of Tailwinds of Hope

“The Tailwinds organization means a lot to the Kappler family. I grew up playing hockey with Zach and will never forget the energy he brought every day. Played with an edge but when he got back to the bench, he always had something funny to say about it. One of my favorite memories of Zach, a few of us were carpooling back from a practice and Zach accidentally let a cuss word slip. Of course, being the young and upstanding kids we were, we never cursed. We all just looked around and just busted out laughing at the expense of the poor parent driving us. It’s little memories like that that remind us of how special we had it growing up. My parents also got to know the Capra family very well, dragging us kids all around the country to tournaments. Their commitment to us allowed us to experience the greatest treasure anyone can have and that is growing up playing hockey with your brothers. There are many memories we have created over the years that will keep our bond to this organization strong for many years to come. There are no words to describe how much we miss Zach. With the work of his family and the Tailwinds organization, his memory can continue to supply that same opportunity for people everywhere. The Tailwinds tournament gives everyone a chance to get together and celebrate those memories. Gone but not forgotten is especially true for Zach and it’s thanks to his family and the Tailwinds of Hope.”